Barclaycard feed Not linked

I’ve tried twice to connect to me Barclaycard business account and each time I am able to authenticate but when it comes to the “link account” section it tells me there are no valid GBP accounts to link. My Barclaycard business account is a standard GBP account.

I can see my Barclaycard business account using my normal Barclays mobile app, and I use this to authenticate my feed. When I set up my standard (non-credit card) Barclays account I get shown a number of accounts to link - I have a personal account, a business account and a Barclaycard account.

Can you help?


Hi @FourCandles

Can I just check that you’re going through the “Barclaycard” set up (not “Barclays”), but still seeing no eligible accounts?

That’s right, using Barclaycard. Indeed, since I’ve already set up a Barclays feed this is no longer an option to select.

Barclaycard would certainly be the way to go, as Barclays do keep these separate in terms of Open Banking.

Even if you’re not seeing any options when you come back to QuickFile, it’s worth trying to link an account by going to the bank statement view in QuickFile, selecting More Options >> Activate Bank Feed

That’s worked - thanks! The key was to go to the actual account statement to activate/link the feed. I’ll see what turns up in the account tomorrow.

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