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Barclays Bank feed failed again :(


Hello, the Barclays Bank feed has failed again :frowning:

It’s the main one for the current account, not the additional Yodlee feed.

It’s a shame there isn’t a “force refresh” option for this type of feed, like there is for the Yodlee feeds.

Can you sort it again, please?

Thank you.


Hello @waltmanc

Are there any errors in the error log?

This feed is a little bit older than the Yodlee one, so it doesn’t have the same options, and unfortunately isn’t likely to have them as we no longer offer this feed to new QuickFile accounts (it’s only available to those already using it).


Hello, there are no errors in the logs.

I can see from Online banking that there are transactions there.

is there a way to switch our current account feed to Yodlee?



Certainly. If you go to your bank statement view, and then More Options >> Bank Feed Settings, and disable the feed, you can then add the Yodlee feed from new. You will need to present your login details again (memorable word is the best option as this allows it to update automatically).


Thank you.

I have done this and the Yodlee feed works excellently.