Barclays bank feed for today

Is the Barclays Bank feed working? I have transactions only until 3rd April on Quickfile but my bank statement shows transactions on 4th and 5th. I realise that 5th may not be there until tomorrow but 4th April’s should be.!
I have tried attaching the quickfile bank feed but everytime I try to enter my memorable word it tell sme it is incorrect and logs me out of online banking. then when I go in via the bank a file appears with an error message. (see attached)

Screenshot Removed

Can you help? Thanks

Hello @eftlizzie

The feed is currently running - there was a delay in the feed today. It should complete within the next hour or so. I’ll monitor it from our end and will double check with you when it’s complete.

I’ve also removed your screenshot given that it’s of a bank account.

Thank you. Ill keep an eye on it.

All up to date now thank you.

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