Barclays Bank feed has stopped working

Please can you help our bank feed has stopped working

Hi @MikeC

What type of feed are you using - Yodlee or the older QuickFile feed?

When you say “stopped working”, do you mean it’s not importing transactions, or there are some missing, or something else?

Barclays feed has been automatically populating our quickfile bank account for probably a couple of Years. However when I looked this morning , we have no entries since 8/8/18. When I look online at Barclays we have many transactions since that date


No problem - we can certainly take a look for you. What type of feed is it - Yodlee, or the older QuickFile feed?

I don’t know what you mean is it Yodlee or older? I assume older as it is a Barclays feed

QuickFile offers 2 feeds, specifically for Barlcays:

  • QuickFile’s own feed (which was discontinued for new accounts in 2016)
  • One powered by Yodlee

If it was a Yodlee feed, you would have an option to manually refresh under More Options on the bank statement page. You would also have agreed to Yodlee terms and conditions when setting up the Yodlee one.

Let me send you a private message and we’ll take a look to see what’s going on here for you. Keep an eye out for a green notification in the top right corner :slight_smile:

Have you private messaged me, as I haven’t received any notification

Yes, at 10:36am. You should see a green notification in the top right corner here.

If not, if you click your avatar (in the top right), and then click the little envelope icon, this will take you to your messages inbox


Ok thanks no green notification , but I have found the envelope in my avatar

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