Barclays Bank Feed no longer importing


I have been using QuickFile for a few years now and have a Barclays Bank Account linked to it. Had no problems with it until now, there haven’t been any transactions on the account for about 6 months, however 2 have been made this month and neither have appeared on QuickFile.

Is it because of the break in transactions? Do I need to do something to kick start it up again?

Your help will be greatly appreciated, thank you.


Hi @Oliver_Palmer

The feed will pause after a period of inactivity, which may be the cause. To preserve server resources, if you don’t log into the account for a certain period (I will need to check how long the period is), then the feed will pause.

If you go to your Barclays bank account, and click More Options, you’ll see the Feed Settings option if the feed is still on your QuickFile account. However, if it’s red (see below), then it means there was an error:

Clicking on the Feed Settings option should show you more information. Saving the details should get it going again.

Hope that helps


Thanks for the fast response, I have just checked this and yes, it was red, so I’ve just clicked on it and it says it is due to inactivity for the last 2 months.

I just clicked on ‘Save’ and it says it will now update on the next run, so fingers crossed this has worked, I’ll update here tomorrow after the feed is updated.

Thank a lot.

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