Barclays bank feed not working after 'refresh'

My barclays bank feeds have stopped working across all my affinity accounts. Despite going into the feed and saving the details again expecting the feed to then run overnight, it then falls over again in the morning with no import.

We’ll have a look at this for you now and run any missing feeds. I have a suspicion that the feed may automatically disable if you don’t log in for more than 2 months (to save resources). The problem here is that with Affinity you are actually logging in but it’s classified slightly differently. We had a similar issue with PayPal feeds + Affinity accounts.

I’ll get back to you shortly.


We’ve re run the affected feeds but they looked to be up to date anyway so perhaps you’ve manually imported those items? We’ve also made a change on our bank feed module to prevent any further disabling of accounts linked to Affinity.