Barclays Bank Feed - Post all your questions here

We use an automated process to log into Barclays in read-only mode to retrieve the bank feeds for our users (those who have enabled this service). Occasionally due to maintenance and modifications to the Barclays user interface the service may not work for a given day. We are always aware when the service is interrupted and we investigate the problem and reset the feed (if required) as soon as we have a chance to review the cause.

I’ve created this post as a central point where all users can report any issues or interruptions in their feed. Sometimes this is due to incorrect information being added by the user, sometimes it’s due to a technical issue, maintenance or modification. Bank feeds unfortunately are not an exact science!

Just to follow on from my previous post, we are aware that some feeds did not run last night (3rd March 2014) due to a new checkbox that was introduced to advise Barclays users about forthcoming changes. Incidentally these changes may also cause further interruptions, depending on the scope. We will keep an eye on this and see what needs to be done when the time comes.

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