Barclays bank feed problem

Hi Glen,

I have two accounts on my dashboard which have been working O.K.

I have added a third account and changed my username and memorable word on all three accounts to the same username and memorable word. The feed tag is green in all three cases.

My problem is that the automatic updating feeds have stopped working on all three accounts.



Barclays were actually carrying out routine maintenance on Saturday 22nd between 00:00 to 06:00 which prevented our feed from running. The latest account I can see was only added today.

The feed is next scheduled to run on Tuesday morning at which time each of these account should then update.

Hello Glen

I have just asked the same question about the Barclays feed, when this starts again, will it pull in the data from the days missed?



It’s easier if you keep things on one thread.

The feed will next run tomorrow morning. You can either wait for this to happen our if you need your bank updating today then yes you can use the bank feed plugin.

Hello Glen

the feed didn’t work again, I have just checked my setting and the passcode and memorable word has gone, ? I have not removed this.

The feed was run later this morning around 8:00 am as it failed to run at the designated time, the transactions should be there by around 10 am. The settings page was updated yesterday to not show the hashed password and memorable word, it’s still there but remains hidden from the page for security reasons.

Hi Glen,

None of my three Barclays bank accounts have been updated. It is now Tuesday 15.15.



The feed did run on your account but on the main account there were no transactions there at the time the feed ran.


On the 3rd February Barclays deceided to close the second account and the balance was transferred to the third account. leaving the second account with a Nil balance. I have received a statement from this with this movement on it.

None of this has taken place on Quickfile and here it is the 26th February


What I see on your account is 3 feeds. When the feed runs it only reports two bank accounts, the missing one presumably is the one Barclays closed. For the new account, you setup the feed on Quick File on the 23rd of February, however the transaction you speak of appears to have happened on the 3rd of February.

It is important to note that the feed will not go back and input retrospective transactions, it will only pull in entries that occurred after the feed was setup on Quick File, in this case the 23rd of February. Anything before this will need to be entered manually or imported from a CSV.

Thank you for your help Glen

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