Barclays Bank Feed unable to connect

Hi I’m having a problem with ‘open bank feed’

I cant connect to my Barclays bank via the open bank feed. I paid the subscription several months ago. I have contacted Barclays, who claim it is a Quickfile issue. The following is the error I receive when trying to connect.

After entering my 5 digit code my balance appears briefly on the screen. This looks like the Barclays platform itself. Seconds later another screen appears with the message that says ‘sharing your data’ …unfortunately no eligible accounts’

Hi @aji001

If you go to Banking >> Open Banking Feeds, is there anything listed there?

Is this on the Barclays site, or QuickFile? For example, when you see this, do you see “” in your address bar?


This is what appears. It looks like I’m now in to my Barclays account but they said the problem is not at their end.

Unfortunately it does seem to be an issue on Barclays side. In the past we’ve seen this where a flag has been placed on the account.

It may be best to speak with someone at a local branch rather than a call centre. But that issue is on their end unfortunately.

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