Barclays bank feed Yodlee


we are having issues with our bank feed. It is not automatically uploading as it should and we are having to manually import when we log in, this is taking up time. The reason we set up the bank feed was to save on our time having to do this. We have removed the feed numerous times and still cannot get it to work. Is it possible to stop this feed altogether from Yodlee?

Hi @rebecca

When you manually refresh the feed, does it ask for you a code, or does it just update?

If you wish, we can move you to the Open Banking feed? This doesn’t cost any extra and works as a direct link with the bank. Let me know if you want to move, and I’ll get some account details from you and move you over.

We have to enter all our bank details when we refresh the feed. If we could move over to the other feed that would be great thanks

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