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Barclays business banking feed issues during set up

Hi there, I am trying to set up the banking feed with my barclays business account. However when I get through to the online banking page it states ‘6012 - It looks like there are no eligible accounts are available to proceed with this request’ I have contacted barclays online support and they have pushed me back to you guys. Can you help please?

Hi @DanPeters

Is it a current account?

We use Open Banking for the feed which is limited to current accounts for the moment, but other types of accounts will be coming in the future.

Hi Matthew, yes it is Barclays Business Current Account

Unfortunately the list of available accounts is generated and shown on the Barclays website, so we have no control over this.

If it is a current account, I can’t see there being any issues with it connecting. But Barclays would need to advise on this I’m afraid.

In the past, something as simple as an out-dated signature has caused issues for other users, so if you have an account manager or a local branch, it may be worth speaking with them.

Hi @DanPeters

I just wanted to follow up to see if you managed to resolve this?

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