Barclays data feed

Hi. The Barclays feed didn’t run last night - perhaps due to their site being inactive due to maintenance.
Will yesterday’s transactions be swept through with this evening’s feed and hence details available tomorrow?
Many Thanks

You are correct the feed didn’t run at the usual time due to site maintenance. We did however run the feed at around 8 am this morning but I believe there were still connectivity issues at that time as I see your feed timed out.

I’ve just manually run the feed again for you and a few transactions have appeared.

If this happens again then whenever the feed next runs it will always pickup from where it left off.

Hi Glenn
The Barclays data feed didn’t run at the usual 4.30-4.45am this morning…

Yep… we’ve now manually started the feed. Occasionally the server restarts in the early hours to install updates…This will interrupt the feed. The other reason it fails is if Barclays are performing upgrades on their end. Whenever this happens we always know about it first thing and then manually run the feed.

Hi Glenn

The bank feed has literally just gone through! at 10.15am

Thanks Glenn, going forward i will bear that in mind

Also just want to add that i very much appreciate the good job that you guys are doing with quick file.
I feel in future it may just be the best system out there!

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Hi Glenn

Me again, not sure if it’s a bank holiday thing. But I just noticed that the Barclays feed did not run today morning.


It is a bank holiday thing!

The feed ran at 4 am, transactions from the bank holiday weekend got added around 8 am. You can manually retrieve with the Chrome feed otherwise it should be updated tomorrow morning.