Barclays feed didnt run

looks like the barclays feed didnt run again last night.

on account: ****411925 we have nothing for today but on the bank statements i have a few transactions


I’ve manually run the feed for you. This is an intermittent problem but at this stage we unfortunately can’t determine what is the cause. Whenever the feed is manually invoked (like just now) it works without issue, making it very complex to see what’s going wrong.

My best guess at the moment is a timeout issue (HTTP 500) on the Barclays website at around 1-2 am. This would explain the intermittent nature. We will continue to monitor this, but unfortunately I can’t offer anything else right now.

thanks, these hard to track down things are annoying, we know what its like, we are an online retailer so feel the pain! good luck and thanks for the continued efforts

best regards

Not a problem, feel free to inform me either here or directly ( whenever you notice problems with the feed. We’ll never just ignore this, we’re always tweaking things to try and isolate and fix these problems. Just unfortunately a big part of this is trial and error.