Barclays Feed - No Auto - Have to Refresh

I’ve paid for a Barclays Bank Feed but it fails to feed daily and I have to refresh using a long winded process of authentication with PinSentry to get new data.
I know you have had other queries on this but can’t find the definitive answer.
If you don’t mind me saying - this basic feature is not only necessary but a clincher as far as what accounting software we use.
What’s the fix please?

Hi @aglg

Due to the nature of Pinsentry (a new code is generated each time), it’s not possible for this login method to be used for the automated Yodlee feed. It can be used, as you’ve done in your case, but this will need to be manually refreshed.

To make it automated, you have 2 options:

  1. Remove the feed and re-add it, using Memorable Word as the login method. Or,
  2. We can switch you over to the Open Banking feed which is a direct link with Barclays and is automated - even with the pinsentry method.

Let me know if you want to use option 2, and I’ll send you a message to help you get set up.

I just want a simple automatic bank feed so I guess Option 2 is the best?
I paid for the feed in my annual payment. I (and quite a few others it seems) am confused by this. Perhaps you could make it clearer?
Thanks for your attention to this matter.

I’ll send you a private message shortly to get you set up with the Open Banking feed.

It has cropped up a few times on the forum and we’ve clarified that pinsentry login cannot be used for automated feeds. We’re always open to suggestions however.

In QuickFile’s defence, it’s not their fault - it simply is not possible for anyone to do a fully automated feed based on screen scraping your internet banking when the bank requires a one-time code for every log in. The only person who can generate the code is you, Yodlee cannot do it without your help.

Open Banking is a direct feed from the bank rather than relying on the normal internet banking interface so it is not subject to the same restrictions.

Problem solved with prompt help from QF Support. Well done Mathew
The number of queries regarding this probably means that a simpler explanation and instructions may be required rather than use the forum.
Us thickos need all the help we can get!

Hi Mathew, I’d be very grateful for this Barclays information too. I have a number of other accounts, paypal, & stripe. I’ve not checked, do you know if I might have issues there too?

PayPal and Stripe work differently to both Yodlee and Open Banking feeds. If you experience any issues with them however, please let us know and we’ll take a look.

I’ll send you a private message shortly to help you set up the Open Banking feed for Barclays.

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