Barclays Feed not inserting into Quickfile


The Barclays bank feed isn’t inserting transactions.

See bank feed below, it’s finding logging in OK and finding the transactions but not inserting them into Quickfile.

It has been hit-and-miss for 2-3 weeks now. There is clearly a bug.


Hi @waltmanc

We’re not having any other reported issues with the feed. Can you confirm the last 3 digits of your account number please, and we’ll take a quick look?

Thank you for your quick reply: here’s the information:


The dates on that log correspond to when the feed was run. For example on the 9th of November the feed imported 6 transactions in total, 5 items from 4th November and 1 item from 7th November.

The feed for today (i.e. to import yesterday’s transactions) is still running, a little later than expected.

Hello again,

The Barclays feed is still malfunctioning. There are 5 transactions from 14 + 15 November showing in the account but have not appeared in Quickfile :frowning:

Please can you investigate further.

Hi @waltmanc

We’ve just manually run this on your account and it’s imported the missing transactions. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Hello again,

The Barclays feed is still not working correctly.

There are 6 transactions in our bank account that haven’t imported.

It would be helpful if there were a “manual sync” button available.

Hope you can sort a permanent fix for this.


My feed has not run since 19/11/16

There may be an issue with the feed. I’ll look into this and report back shortly.

There was an issue identified with the feed this morning. It is running, but may be delayed.