Barclays feed not running

the barclays feed is not running again (our account is ****411989)

its not run in about 4 days.


Hi - I’m also with Barclays and nothing has come through since Monday. Betty

@visumgroup It did run yesterday, I know because we rely on this internally. Today it did not automatically run at the usual time but we ran it first thing this morning. The feed uses automation to retrieve data, it’s a very precarious business with many potential points of failure…Unfortunately this is the best we can do given the tools available to us and believe me the same problems exist on all accounting systems. I just wanted to make clear that we are not lazy to fix faults here, if Barclays run any maintenance in the night, then the feed will simply not run so we need to run manually later in the day.

I will check both accounts and report back shortly.

@visumgroup the feed ran successfully on your account this morning. But having said that I see that it didn’t run on your account for the previous two days. I suspect the intermittent nature of this problem is due to the missing Export dialogue box in Barclays. Adding this box to your dashboard should resolve the problem.

@ambury I couldn’t locate your account for the email you are registered with here so couldn’t check but recheck your account as the feed ran late today.

Hi Glenn,

i have added the missing export dialogue now, see if it improves, but it didn’t run last night (but I only just added the dialogue box).


@visumgroup I don’t think that export box is there as the feed took the long route. It did however pull a few transactions into your account.

your right - it has gone again! but I did 100% go in and put it on there 1st thing this morning, but I just signed back in and it had gone again, I have re-added it… I will sign in and out a few times try to ensure it stays put, banks!

thanks for sorting it


Yeh you did mention that you’d done this. Not sure why it disappeared again? I’m pretty certain that will sort the reliability issue out.

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