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Barclays Open Banking Problem


Unfortunately, the previous thread has now been closed down.
However, I am still finding that I am unable to import my Statement entries into quick file using Open Banking.

Barclays bank are adamant that everything is okay from their end.

I may be doing something dramatically wrong, is anybody able to help me?

I have opened all of the third-party authorisations that are necessary within Barclays, but I still seem unable to connect through open banking. This problem has been going on for more than seven days, hence the closedown of the previous thread.

Please help!


Same issue here. Barclays shows on my dashboard with them that authorisation in place for 90 days for integration with QuickFile.


Hi @Blazz21 & @Bagso

I can see my colleague has been in touch since your posts above, to try and resolve this.

If I can help with anything else in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to let me know :slight_smile:


I posted about this a week or so back, but am still having problems.


Hi @Recordings

Have you spoken to Barclays about this? If it’s the same issue, the error lies on Barclays side and they’re not supplying the accounts to us.


Still not resolved… Are QF able to speak to my contact at Barclays?

I am aware that I may still be at fault here, but I really don’t know. This has been going on for nearly 2 weeks now, and my next option may be Quick books!!


Hi @Blazz21

I believe my colleague got in touch with you through a private message and has passed your details onto the Open Banking team at Barclays - this is the best department to deal with this I think as they are likely to be the ones to be enforcing this restriction. As soon as we hear from Barclays, I’m sure my colleague will update you in the private message.

It’s also worth mentioning that if Quickbooks uses Open Banking, you’ll still have the same issue as the fault is on Barclays side.


I haven’t attempted to since the first time when they referred me back to you. I’ll have another go later in the week.


Not sure that Barclays would necessarily agree! I think it would really help if someone fromQF spoke to someone at Barclays about this specific case - As I’ve said, it could be something I’m doing or not doing…


Hi @Blazz21

We have spoken to Barclays regarding this with their Open Banking team. My colleague has explained the current situation in the private message.

Just to confirm - Barclays are not sending us the bank accounts due to something on their side. This isn’t a QuickFile, Opening Banking or even your problem - it’s Barclays.


Please explain to me exactly how to set this up - from the start… I may be doing something wrong…I am coming to the end of my tether!


@Blazz21 You’re not doing anything wrong. As I mentioned last week the Barclays OB team are looking into your case (and a couple of others) affected by this problem.

This is 100% a Barclays issue and we are getting this directly from the OB engineering team in Barclays, who will know far more than someone you speak to on the support desk. They’re a big company and sometimes things aren’t joined up between their departments.

All I can say right now (based on an email 1 hr ago) is that they are actively investigating the issue. If you require the feed right away we can simply put you back on the old feed until we have some concrete answers.


I’m out of the office tomorrow, so happy to wait until Wednesday morning now… I’ll let you know if that will help on Wednesday morning. Cheers.


@Blazz21 I’ve sent you a PM.

More generally these issues are related to account restrictions affecting ~ 1% of all accounts. Unfortunately they can only be resolved with Barclays. I wish we could say in each case what the precise issues are but understandably Barclays are not able to disclose this to us and moreover even their Open Banking team cannot access specifics on customer accounts.

We are advised to ask any affected users to contact their branch to discuss any potential restrictions.

We are more than happy to reactivate our current Barclays feed for affected users in the mean time (Just message @QFSupport with your account details).

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