Barclays Password issue


Does anyone have any experience of getting Barclays to work with Yodlee/Quickfile?

The issue surrounds getting Barclays to accept the password log in rather than the random number generator. On the guide on the Quickfile Knowledgebase it shows a screen shot of a menu once you’re logged into Barclays to set up a password etc. The problem is that when you log into Barclays that menu doesn’t exist…or if it does I cannot find it!

Has anyone successfully logged in and changed their account over to a password that could offer me any pointers? It’s driving me mad! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



Do you mean this menu and link?

I don’t have access to a Barclays account at the moment so I’m not able to check this myself. But hopefully someone else may be able to point you in the right direction shortly


I think that menu in Barclays has changed recently and we need to update our instructions here. We’ll get that looked into today.

When you sign into Barclays normally, are you presented with an option to use a memorable word? If so then it should be possible to setup the Yodlee feed to use this login method too.

There’s some guidance here on the Barclays website for configuring a memorable word.

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Hi Glenn,

The picture that you’ve added isn’t displaying on my screen for some reason, so I don’t know.

Thanks for the Barclays link, I’ll see if that helps sort it and come back to you.

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