Basic invoicing

Hi, How do I fill in the “amount Paid” section of an invoice, there doesn’t seem to be a place for me to enter an amount.

Also the only way I can add discounts is to add a new line, is there anyway to add discounts to the bottom of the invoice



You enter this separately… Once you’ve saved the invoice on the preview screen you will see a button Log a Payment. This is where you can enter the bank account, amount, date, etc.

Yes discounts are added as distinct lines on the invoice with negative values. There is no way to enter the discount globally on the invoice. The reason they are entered on separate lines is to allow discount to be applied against specific nominal codes.

Hi Glenn


I am inputting all my bank transactions manually, I am doing this through Purchases and Enter a New Purchase, is this correct, if so it is asking me to input a Receipt number, is this the actual receipt no of the purchase or just an internal number.

Sorry for the basic questions, I am very new to this



Yes entering from the purchase screen is absolutely fine. Bear in mind however that when you log a purchase invoice or sale invoice as paid it will deposit the payment to your bank, so you will have some reconciliation to do to make sure your bank records in Quick File match your paper statements issued by your bank. The other way is to use the bank tagging process whereby you upload your bank statement and tag everything from there. There are a few different help guides on this in our knowledgebase.

The Receipt number (#QF0000…) is just an internally generated number and doesn’t need to match anything on your paper receipts. Some people write the QF number generated on Quick File to their paper receipts to link them up.