Batch changing nominal codes

Hi, how can I bulk change nominal codes by suppliers? I have imported nearly 1500 purchase recipts but all of them have been posted to general purchases nominal account (despite suppliers they belong to have the appropriate nominals allocated to them). I am aware that I can bulk-change nominal codes in Chart of Accounts but it is not helpful to me as I can only go to the ledger there where I unable to undetified transactions as I can only see their numbers what is not enough to decide to which nominal codes this transactions should be moved to. To be able to bulk - move them to the appropriate nominals I would have to do it by supplier as usually one supplier means one nominal code. Thank you.

As far as I know re-coding is only possible through the nominal view. The “notes” field in each purchase-related nominal entry does include the name of the supplier so you can use the advanced search to filter by each supplier in turn, but it may be more straightforward given the number if you just work out the total that needs to be moved to each nominal code (e.g. by massaging the purchase lines CSV from an account backup in a spreadsheet) and then do a one-off journal to move these totals.

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