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Best Way to collate a single financial years Quickfile entries to forward to my accountant

How can I easily create 12 months of data to send to my accountant.

If I use the backup facility (which givesme all the files i need) it compiles my ‘complete’ history on quickfile and emails me with it, I could then adjust the csv files in excel by deleting any previous years entries but this is time consuming and open to mistakes by myself.

Is it possible to extract all data between specific dates, similar to a backup

Thank you

What does your accountant actually want? If it’s just the P and L and balance sheet you can print these off on the report pages

Thank you but i wish it was that simple. ltd company and they want to see all of the entries as excel sheets which i obtained via a backup last year (1st year of using quickfile) this year the backup will also have last years information, hence the question.
if i have to send both years combined in each csv file then so be it, i just wondered if there was a more efficient way (an no the accountant wont accept being a user on my account)


Hi @smin

If your accountant will accept it, you can download your chart of accounts which details all nominal ledger activity. These reports can be set for certain date ranges, such as financial years. For more information on this please check out the following link: Run a Detailed Nominal Ledger Report

However, if your accountant will only accept everything, then the only way to provide this will be through running an account back up.

I hope this helps, but if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Thank you for the reply

I give my accountant direct access. That way he can amend anything I have cocked up!

Yes same here and now only have to send her the final months bank statements rest she takes directly from Quickfile

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