BitPay Feed stopped working

So I’ve just logged in to update a few things and noticed my Bitpay feed stopped updating back in November 2016. I can’t find any way to manually force the update via their API, is that not possible?

We use their API on our backend and they have updated things, your feed still uses their Legacy API, maybe there were some breaking changes you haven’t noticed?

On the other hand i could be doing something completely wrong so would appreciate someone taking a look!

We don’t have an automatic feed as such with BitPay, we just have them as a payment option that pops open a dialogue box with a QR code to allow end-clients to pay using Bitcoin. These payments made through QuickFile however should automatically be logged to the BitPay holding account.

I’m not sure we are on the same page here, there is clearly a third-party option here using their API:

“This is a virtual bank account where you can see all your individual bitPay payments.
When bitPay transfers money to you, all you need to do is enter a transfer from here into your current account.”


This option simply creates a QR code against an invoice for receiving payments. If for example you’re receiving payments via BitPay through other channels, right now there is no API link that pulls this data into QuickFile.

Wow well that isn’t clear at all from the explanatory text!

Thanks for clearing it up anyway, i’ll remove the setup and import manually i guess

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