Blocking other estimates to customers when emailed

When I create an estimate for customer and email it to them, it creates a link for them to go to so that they can see there estimate but they can then also go to account overview on the left hand side and see EVERY estimate we have ever sent out to other customers. How do i stop this please as a matter of privacy & confidential to all are over clients.thank you

They shouldn’t be seeing other estimates. Are you able to supply a customer reference number so QF can be investigate it?

Hi @secondchance2, as per @Parker1090 suggestion supplying more information here would be helpful.

You can use private message interface not to disclose any sensitive information.

I located your account and I noticed that you have 13 clients all with the same email address. This effectively links all those accounts together. Are you sending quotations to this one email address for 13 different clients, I’m not clear what you’re trying to do here?

When you have multiple clients tagged to the same email address, they can basically switch accounts using a drop-down in the top left.

Obviously to avoid this you need to change the contact details for each client and supply a unique email address for each, assuming you don’t want that one email contact to access all the invoices for the different client records.

when I create estimate , I send to myself first and then forward to the customer via my email address as normally I have other bits to attach.

OK I think that’s the issue here.

What you would be better off doing is actually configuring the correct email address for each client, then instead of sending the email to yourself, just grab the link and embed it into your own email.

If you want to attach files to estimates, you could also use the file attachment tool.

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