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sorry i have to keep logging in with password and often it wont work so keep chnaging password …it says i can log in with just a link i was sent and tells me to bookmark it …sorry i dont know how to do this so it will work next time sorry

Hi @GardenNursery

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

When you say that it often doesn’t work when you try logging in, are there any errors that you are seeing?

Logging in with a link is to view an invoice that you have been sent by somebody else who uses Quickfile.

Are you trying to view invoices or are you the owner and administrator of a Quickfile account?

no …it just always makes me renew the password

its my file of accounts …and im new to the program and it says i can bookmark page to make it easier to sign in …


You can bookmark the page you need to use to log in but you will still need to use your password.

Your login page will be

We can’t explain how to bookmark as that will depend on the browser that you are using (Chrome, Firefox, Windows, Safari etc) and the equipment that you are using (PC, tablet, phone).

Most browsers have a function to remember userids and passwords, again you will have to consult the documentation for whichever one you are using.

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