Bounced payment made to defunct supplier account

I made a payment online to a supplier on the 8th April of £1680 which was to a defunct account and it came straight back into our account on the same day. Attempting to clear up outstanding tasks on QF for our year end, I tagged the 8th April payment on the bank account as a payment to the supplier on account and tagged the return payment on the same day as a refund from the supplier. I then went into the suppliers details in ‘Purchases’ to see how QF had dealt with it and noticed that a credit note had been raised relating to the tagged return payment. That was no good because it included vat etc so I cancelled the credit note. It asked me if what I wanted to do with the related payment and I pressed the ‘delete’ button.
I think I’ve probably made things worse after all this. Perhaps I should have just deleted the payment and the refund using the X tab on the current account but, as things stand, there’s no balance showing on the suppliers account in ‘Purchases’, the 8th April payment is showing as tagged, but the refund on the same date is showing as untagged.
Any advice would be welcome. Thanks. Tim.

Best thing to do in such cases is just tag it straight to misposting and then back in again. No invoices required.

Repeat the above for the money coming back into your account.

Thank you. I’ve detagged the payment and done as you suggest with both the payment and the refund.

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