Breakdown of Current liabilities

The Balance Sheet report gives a single figure for the total Current Liabilities but is there a way of seeing the breakdown of the individual liabilities? I need to be able to list them for the end of year balance sheet.

Hi @Derek_Smith,

If you click the magnifying glass that will bring up the transactions that have been included in the total.#

Hope that makes sense?

Dear Beth
Thanks for the rapid reply. Clicking the mag glass was the first thing I tried but that brought up a very long list of transactions. I expected to see just a list of the outstanding invoices at the date of the balance sheet. Clicking on outstanding invoices on the home page brings up a list of the current outstanding invoices which is fine. I want to be able to see the same for a selected past date.
The same question applies to the debtors control account as well.

Plz try Reports> All Reports> under other reports, Debtor / Creditor Report
Shows a list of outstanding sales or purchase invoices at a given point in time.

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It does indeed. Thanks a lot.

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