Budgeting / forecasting : status?

I’ve read some old posts in forum but nothing of substance recently (unless I missed it). And basically I can’t see any easy clear current answer or statement of intent.

Can QF please summarise where we are with :

  • being able to set a “budget” for a nominal code

  • being able to produce from this a business forecast (possibly to go in to a business plan or just for internal management)

  • being able to report on that vs actual

  • being able to forecast cash based on actuals and budgets

I do appreciate the last of these (as per past posts) involves questions on implementation and objectives. So maybe it’s a “no”. Personally I would cut through all that and do whatever QF think is best, and people either love it, fit in with it or don’t use it.

But ( dangerous layman statement warning ) the first 3 don’t seem difficult given what a fantastic system QF is generally.

Yes, I know all 4 of the above can be done in Excel with data from QF. But my time - and I suspect same also for both accountants and end-user clients - is more productively spent than faffing (“phaphing”?) about with a spreadsheet.

Thank you QF for your response and for a great system

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