Bug in API when Using Invoice_Create Method

When I try to create the invoice using API it adds VAT cost in Unit Price and then also added vat in Total Amount. For Example, if Unit Cost, if it is 100 and Quantity, is 1 and VAT% is 20 then it will show Unit Cost in Quick File 120 which is after adding 20% VAT amount which is 20.

Hi @Sohaib_Ahsan

Are you able to provide an example of code you’re using to create the invoice please, and we’ll certainly take a look at this further for you.

This Below Code will Make Unit Cost 300 instead of 100 which is adding 200 of VAT

					  <ItemDescription>Google Pixel 2 XL 64GB Black Uk</ItemDescription>


Any Progress? im stucked on this stage

I’ve tried to replicate this, but haven’t had much luck so far.

I notice in your first screenshot the invoice is reverse charged - was this done manually, or as part of the API call? I can’t see it in the example above.


This field attached for Exempt for VAT

So this is included in the API call you use when you’re seeing this issue?

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yes now i created another invoice using invoice_create method.this time first items unit price remains same but second item unit price goes from 525 to above 2500 which i then corrected in quick again

I’ve referred this to a developer to investigate. As soon as I hear back, I will let you know here

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