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Bug in the balance sheet's "Export data", when Cost of Sales is a credit amount


When exporting the EOY balance sheet the exported P&L Account amount is not the same as the screen shows so the exported balance sheet does not balance
The P&L shows the correct P&L amount on screen and on the “Export data” download, so its just the Balance sheet CSV download that has the error

The error only happens with one client and the missing profit amount matches the credit in General Purchases total cost of sales (Stock purchases):
At the start of the year a large credit came in for General purchases (stock purchases) which was bought at the end of the previous period and returned in the beginning of the current period leaving a credit amount in Total Cost of Sales.

I recon when the balance sheet Export data CSV pulls in its figures from the P&L database it ignores the Total Cost of Sales amount as it is a credit amount not the normal debit amount. Whereas the screen shows it correctly and the PDF download shows it correctly

The quickfile account No: 6131468326


Hi @George_H

I’ve asked a developer to take a look at this for you.


@George_H - We’ve released an update which should address this issue. Would you mind giving it a go please and letting me know if this is now working as expected?


Yes it’s now working perfect, thank you very much!