Bulk creating credit notes


Is there a way to create bulk credit notes, I know it has to be attached to an invoice, but doing a CSV file and some scripting for this is not that hard. It would make my life a lot easier as I create a credit note on my system to work with my stock system and then I’m having to just copy and paste that over to here which is just duplicating my workload. It be much easier for me to just download a credit note csv file and then upload to your system.


The bulk invoice upload may work for credit notes but it would most likely need to be tagged against a refund rather than reduce an existing invoice. So it depends how you use credit notes.

How confident a programmer are you and what scripting language are you working with? It’s definitely possible to create credit notes via the Invoice_Create API (either immediate refund ones, or ones associated with an existing invoice to reduce the unpaid balance or hold previous payments on account).

I use php / mysql, I’m pretty confident. If I can do it via the bulk invoice part by tagging against a refund and that would produce a credit note linked to the correct invoices if I give the invoice numbers, then that would be great.

I’ve looked into the bulk invoice upload and there is nothing I can tag or nothing about credit notes there.