Bulk import inventory

Tried this when I first signed up around a year ago but couldn’t get the csv to read properly. I wanted to give it another bash today but now I get the error on import:

“Sorry, you have reached the maximum limit of inventory items on your account.”

Is there a way to have this limit lifted and is there a csv template for inventory as there is for client/suppliers etc.

Thanks in advance.

Glenn, you’ve lost me !

Sorry I posted on the wrong thread :dizzy_face: I will get back to you on this…I’m not sure at this stage if the hard limit can be removed. How many inventory items do you have?

We have around 21,000, though in the past 12 months we’ve sold around 2,000 of them. Even if I just have a quick way of updating the prices of the ones we have up already that would resolve a big headache.

The 2nd part of my question, do you have a csv template for items as I seem to remember having a bit of trouble with it last year ?

The inventory system is pretty basic and is really only used as a sort of convenient way to template invoices rather than a full blown stock control system. So there’s no way to bulk update prices or store more than 1,000 items.

The item limit we need to maintain as if you can imagine with many users each uploading 10s of thousands of inventory items the storage costs on our servers mount very quickly. I would recommend maybe using a 3rd party stock-control system.

Thanks for replying Glenn. Last thing, if I were to build an API link between my stock control system and quickfile:

Would items that don’t exist in the inventory be “accepted” by quickfile on newly created invoices?
Would it add these items on the fly ?
If not, would the items still be searchable through the sales invoices screen ?

Thanks again.

You’d need to separately call the inventory method Item_Create before you save the invoice.

There are also other methods you can use here:

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