Bulk Invoice printing not working

Hi We are having problem printing invoices in bulk today. After selecting the invoices and clicking print we are getting this message. It has been tried with more than one user. Thanks.
“There was a problem printing these items:
You can only request one batch of items to be printed at a time. Please wait for the current job to complete.”

Hi @Ukaush

Can you provide me with the last 3 digits of your QuickFile account number please, and I’ll take a look into this for you?

Hi the last three digits are 522

Thanks! We did find a job that appeared to be stuck in the queue (this is being looked into by our development team). We have however now re-run this and it’s completed successfully.

Please and you try again and let me know if that works all OK for you now please?

Thank you for your quick response. It is working now.

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