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Bulk purchase entries not showing in custom report

Good Afternoon,
Having discovered the joy that is the Bulk Purchase Entry I’ve seen that for an unknown reason these entries dont appear to be showing in a report I’ve made.
The purchases were made to the supplier with the description of Business Networking (Formula 8206) and show in that supplier’s purchases list as all green and paid.
However the ones I did manually show in the report but the bulks dont. Stranger still, there are date entries and under my “All Purchases” panel there aren’t entries on those dates - so why are they showing???!

I’d welcome ideas on how to correct that because I’m concerned that if they dont show in reports they may not be pickedup come SA Return time, which makes me sad.

Screen snips below to help.

Thank you loads in advance,


Hi @Mags

Something doesn’t look quite right there, so let me send you a private message and we’ll take a look for you.