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Bulk purchase entry - Exchange rate bug


Hi there,

i’d like to report something that I believe to be a bug. It occurs when I enter bulk purchases in a foreign currency.

Here’s what happens (only one image is allowed, so I put the steps into one)

  1. I set the Curreny to HUF and enter the purchases from two different suppliers

  2. I flag invoices as Paid and set the account and the payment method

  3. When I look at them on the Purchases dashboard they seem fine

  4. BUt when I look at the actual purchase then something is not right.

The purchase appears as fully paid, but what actually happened is that the GBP value was deducted from the outstanding amount as if it was the HUF.

  1. When I look at the associated payment then the problem is obvious:

26.85 HUF was deducted from the outstanding amount instead of the 10,000 HUF (26.85 GBP)

As you can see, the exchange rate displayed is 1.0000, while on the Purchase itself it shows 372.4234 as of today, which is the correct one.

Can you please help fixing this?

Thanks very much,


Hi @iqfactory

Thank you for your post.

I replicated the issue, and I’ve asked a developer to take a look at this. We’ll keep you posted.


@iqfactory - This should now be fixed. Would you mind testing it when you get chance, and letting me know if this now works all OK?


Thanks very much. I tested it and it works fine now.


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