Business mileage quandry

When I started out as a sole trader last May, I had no idea what I was doing. I still dont know very much, but I am making progress.
Originally, I used my business bank account to make the occasional fuel purchase which I logged in quickfile simply as payments to “Shell”.
Now I understand that the best thing to do is to use the “45p business mileage” system and I feel that is the right way to go for me.
I plan to go back over the year and log all of my miles which i will then deduct the money from my “proprietors drawing account” and thus lowering my potential tax liability (based on not claiming anything else for traveling expenses)

the problem is, with these few fuel purchases… what do I do with them?
I am guessing that I have to re-tag them as payments to “proprietors drawing account” as I will have to pay the fuel costs personally using the Business mileage system

please advise

Yes. Anything going out of your business bank account that isn’t related to an allowable business expense should be tagged as a transfer to drawings.

Who owns the vehicle, you or the business?