Can a business that is NOT UK-based use quickfile?

I saw a 2013-14 thread about this, where it wasn’t yet possible to use QuickFiles for businesses outside the UK – is this still the case?

In our particular case, it’d be mainly used for simply invoicing (not accounting, our accountants use their own system for that), so essentially we just have to be able to manually input VAT rates, change currencies, and be able to input a business registration address that is not UK based. I know currency. is not a problem, but is the rest all possible?

Thanks in advace!

Hello @IsabelAlmeida

QuickFile is geared up for the UK tax system and not recommended for other uses.

If you are just using it to produce printable/e-mailable invoice then I don’t see why you couldn’t use it.

You can add additional VAT/Tax rates under Account Settings > Advanced settings >Additional Sales/Purchase VAT rates


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