Can I automate Santander imports?

Hi, I’ve currently got my santander business account setup as an account (not a current account), not sure why its not a current account because it is a santander current account. Anyway, at the moment I manually export statements from my bank account and import them into the business account in Quickfile.

Is it possible to remove and re-add this account so that its an automated feed and I don’t have to manually import statements anymore?


Yes you can, here is guide link for bank feed

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oh plugin - thanks!

Quickfile is awesome :smile:

Awesome piece of software and support is top notch,
I don’t get this kind of support from a lot of paid products I use!

Thanks a lot.

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Ooh, one more thing, where do I get Quickfile Import Key from?

I’ve searched your knowledge base and forum and can’t find anything

Account Settings > 3rd Party Integration> Bank Feeds

Thanks again, all sorted.