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Can I correct an incorrectly created manual bank entry once locked?

I have just noticed that I have a manual entry for a refund from a supplier for £8.39 in my business reserve account. That transaction actually affected the current account instead which uses a bank feed and is shown correctly there. Because this happened months ago and was subject to a VAT return, the Quickfile record of the reserve account is locked but it shows the balance as too high by £8.39 from October last year.

I can make a manual adjustment on the VAT submission next time but I would like to know if I can do anything to get the reserve bank account balance in QuickFile to match the bank statement again?

Many thanks.

Moving a transaction between bank accounts shouldn’t affect the vat return, you may be able to do what you need if you can find the transaction in the nominal account view of that bank account (via the assets and liabilities section of the chart of accounts) and use “move to new code”.

@ian_roberts The problem is not that the transaction is in the wrong account, it is that it appears correctly in the current account and is manually and incorrectly duplicated in the reserve account. Both items in QuicfFile are locked.

Maybe a simple correction would to be to add a manual payment to the reserve account transactions for the same day that restores the balance, with a note that it’s an error correction.

That would both fix the reserve balance and cause the VAT to be corrected at the next submission.

So one of the two transactions is allocated to a credit note that shouldn’t have been created in the first place? In that case yes, the simplest fix would be to create an extra purchase dated the same as the credit note to reverse it and mark that as paid in full from the reserve account. This would be reflected in the next VAT return.

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Have done - that looks right now. Thank you.

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