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Can I create a clean banking slate?

Hi. I started using quickfile several years ago, whilst totally clueless about accounting, and set my bank accounts up all wrong (and made lots of them in a foolish attempt to analyse income streams). Now, I’m trying to get more serious/organised as my self-employment grows and want to delete the mess I made so I can start again, properly, and import my bank statements. Is there any way to do this without opening a new Quickfile account and starting from scratch (I’ve got lots of client data I don’t want to have to re-enter etc.)?
Thanks for your help.

What client data do you need to keep exactly? You could run a backup, delete your account data then import certain bits of data.

There is no simple way to just remove all the bank accounts, if you did you’d probably end up with lots of linked invoices etc needing tidying up? You might be better off just drawing a line under previous transactions etc and journaling everything into the correct categories.

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Hi @Alcie,

If you did want to start fresh and open up a new QuickFile account then we are able to transfer the client and supplier details over for you if that helps?

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Thank you Beth.
If I did this, then would their passwords etc transfer too? It’s just client details I need to save. I’m a music teacher and have 35 active students. I don’t want to muck their parents around just because I’ve been incompetent.

I’m wondering if there’s a simpler, but clumsier way to do it - in time for the start of the next financial year - that involves ‘withdrawing’ the existing (fake) balances manually, and then importing bank statements from next April onwards? Does that make any sense? The fix doesn’t need to be accountant friendly, it just needs to get me in the right place by April to start reconciling from then on.

Hi @Alcie,

I am not 100% certain on the log in details so I have double checked for you and will let you know when i’ve had an answer :slight_smile:

Have you set passwords and sent them to the clients though? If you just use Quickfile pretty much as default the links they get sent log them in. The clients won’t even know their password unless you specifically sent it to them or ticked the ‘enforce client login’ box.

Hi @Alcie,

Apologies for not getting back sooner, we are almost certain that the log in details would be carried across, but as @Lurch mentioned you can send the links with the invoice and not ‘enforce client login’ so they wouldn’t need a password

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