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Can I merge 2 account codes?

Hi guys, I was advised to change some account codes from 6xxx to 5xxx and the other way around too, so that they go in the right areas of the Profit & Loss report. At the same time, I don’t want to turn on the option to combine direct expenses with COS on the P&L (advanced settings). However, all the codes I would like to change already have transactions registered, also for years that are already closed/blocked.
Is there any way I could change these codes? Or should I just create new accounts (same name - new code) and abandon the old ones, so they come up in the right area of the P&L?

You can just move the entries in those nominals for the year that is not locked. You don’t have to move them all.

But if you really must, providing the movements do not change the profit or balance sheet position you can always unlock those years, move the amounts and re lock again.

You should be able to click on each heading and find the nominal it relates to then press move to new code and select the correct nominal.

Obvipusly you’ll need to keep track of which ones your moving back and forth.

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