Can I use your logo template

Hi Glen,

Is it possible to use your logo template and change to VFM Accountancy Services, so my clients can see this when they log in


You want your Affinity account holders to see the standard QF colours and logo when they log in? You can set a custom logo and colour theme that will be applied to all managed accounts here.

Hi Glenn,

whats the best way for me to make a logo-VFM Accountancy Services, to replace your logo…thats what I meant…do you have a template for the one

We don’t have a template, you’d need to use a graphics program like Photoshop to create a logo for your business. Or hire a graphic designer.

Alternatively you could probably knock up a basic logo using one the free online tools:

Or another option would be to produce something in Word and screen-grab it, then save to file.