Can we customise the design of forms other than Invoices?

I like that we can customise our invoices to match (broadly speaking) previous stationery, but is it possible to customise other documents like credit notes, purchase receipts, reports, etc.?

One reason I ask is that our logo is very wide - about ten times its height - and it often overlaps the heading on these documents, while being correct on the invoice where we’ve moved that heading out of the way. We did have to shrink everything on the invoice layout, though, as the maximum logo width appears to be 250px.

Also, would it be possible to request the ability to customise how things like our own company address are displayed on previews and PDFs, please? We’ve always used a single line for this, with middle dots between the sections. Perhaps a text box to customise with tags, so I could use something like the following, or similar:

$Address1 · $Address2 · $Town · $Postcode


Credit notes will assume the same design as sales invoices. You can use the CSS editor to fine-tune your invoice design and the credit note should also assume those changes. Purchase invoices cannot be modified and right now we don’t have any plans to change this. The reason being is that you tend to only use purchase invoices for internal reference, not something you would issue to a 3rd party, so there’s not really a strong case for building a complex controls for manipulating the design. This is also the reason why the QF reference number is locked, as per your other post.

OK, that’s fair on the complex customisation front a la invoices.

We do customise the invoices rather a lot, though, and our logo overlaps the title on other forms. Can we have a second logo on these internal forms, please? We have a form that is stacked words rather than a single-line wordmark that could be used, but that shouldn’t be on client-facing documents.

Also, the ability to use variable substitution on the invocies would be much appreciated. Having looked at the recurring invoices, I see that they’d probably look more like ||ADDRESS1||, etc.

Which forms are you seeing an overlap on? I don’t think having a provision for multiple logos is the answer, it adds a lot of complexity and would never really be a common use case scenario. I think this problem could probably be fixed with some custom CSS instead.