Cancel search not resetting view

Try this…
Go to Purchase management.
Make an Advanced Search based on entries without Scans (for instance)
Select the filtered lines, and archive them
Then CANCEL search (expecting to reset the view)

My experience is that it doesn’t reset the view. Instead, I have to go to the bottom of the screen and select the radio button for either deleted or archived in order to then click Active so the view resets.

Not really a bug, more of a feature :smile:

This has been raised a few times before so I agree that it’s more intuitive that the cancel button resets the view. I’ve logged this on our short-mid term development plan so we will look at this shortly.

We made a small update today…

Now when you press the cancel button it forces a reload of the page to reset the view to it’s original state.

Give it a go, I think it’s an improvement on what was happening before. We haven’t rolled this out on all pages yet, just the sales and purchase invoice view screens.

Thanks Glen, that’s much more intuitive… and indeed useful!

I really love Quickfile, it’s nice and quick to work with… I’ve got plenty of ideas for you, and I’ll get round to posting them as I get time (and frustration! hahaha!)

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