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Cannot confirm bank item when auto tagging

If a bank item is awaiting “Confirm” it is not possible if the item is set for auto tagging. A popup says it will be tagged in the next few minutes but that is prevented awaiting manual confirmation. Catch 22?

Hi @Howard

Initially, this sounds like an item that’s automatically tagged by QuickFile rather than requiring manual confirmation.

Is it still pending now?

Hi Mathew, yes its still blocking.
The item is awaiting autotagging but it need to be manually confirmed first. The requirement for confirm maybe due to a lag in the bank feed but I am not really sure why it needs manual confirmation.

I have several bank items requiring manual confirmation and is ongoing

Not sure of the issue. If the tag is orange click it and click confirm. It should then change to green.

If the tag is automaric then it will change to green over time, no need to do anything unless you need to alter the way its being tagged.

Hi Paul, When I click orange tag to confirm a popup appears and says:

Auto Tagging Enabled

Matching Text: XXX DIR LTD ON
Treat as: Purchase Invoice
Supplier Name: XXX
Description: XXX DIR LTD ON 22 MAR CLP
Purchase Category: Cabling
VAT: 20.00%

Auto-tagging is enabled. This item will be tagged
automatically in the next few minutes.

This has been the same for 2 hours now. When I close the popup the tag stays orange and can repeat forever.

Have you tried refreshing the page? Or closing the Web browser and reloading?

Yes just done that, cache clearing also, same problem persists, I have 7 of these orange items and cannot process my VAT.

Hi @Howard

Let me send you a private message and we can take a look at this for you.

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