Cannot connect HMRC to do VAT return

I need to complete VAT retrurn now but the web page says: ‘We were unable to obtain a list of VAT obligations from HMRC. Please retry later.’
Please urgently fix this as today is the dead line for June 2019 entry.
Thank you.


This error is being returned by HMRC so I would suggest trying again, as you can imagine there are a lot of people using the HMRC with MTD’s deadline coming up so their system is running a little slower than normal

Thanks very much for your prompt response, as per your advice I tried several times and it finally works.

I am getting exactly the same error - I am assuming HMRC is being inundated at the moment and will retry later

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Today/tomorrow is going to be the biggest day for first time MTD submissions - the deadline for the first vat quarter where everyone over the threshold must use MTD. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if their systems are creaking a bit.

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