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I need to submit my VAT return but cannot create a new VAT return list. When I click on " Create" it directly takes me to HMRC submit section where my latest two returns listed. I am aware of that our VAT account has been locked to the address issues and for this reason, the next period is not available but I should still be able to create a VAT list.

Hi @Nadia_d

Can I just check, if it this screen that you’re not seeing an open period on?


Hi Mathew,

Yes that is what I can’t see but I am aware of why I can’t see it as I have already checked it with HMRC and been told that our VAT account has been locked until March 2021 due to the address issues.
My actual problem is not being able to create the January-March 2020 VAT return list even though I am not able to submit it right now. I need to create the list because the period needs to be included in our Annual Accounts calculation of 2019-2020 financial year which I need to submit by 31 December 2020. I am not sure if the issue with the account being locked is related to the create function but I was advised by my accountant who says it should not be.

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Nadia Kaya

If you’re not seeing a period at all, this would be an issue on HMRC’s side unfortunately. We don’t have any control over what periods are shown as these are provided directly by HMRC.

Hi Mathew,

The VAT period is not the problem. I need the lists of the purchase and sales invoices for the period of January-March 2020 and I can’t download them within the programme. I don’t think that is related to HMRC.

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Nadia Kaya

Apologies if I’ve misunderstood.

Just to clarify then, you’ve already submitted the return to HMRC, and you just want to list of invoices that related to that return. Is that right?

Hi Mathew,

I have not submitted the return because we cannot see any period open. But, that is fine. We were told that the VAT account is locked and will be activated again in March 2021 and we are going to be able to submit then.

The problem is the period of January-March 2020 VAT Return which we could not submit it on time (by April 2020) due to Covid-19 circumstances and we now have to include it in our Annual Accounts of 2019-2020.

To summarize;

For our annual accounts that needs to be submitted by 31 December 2020, we need the following VAT returns ;
April-Jun 2019
Jul-Sep 2019
Oct-Dec 2019
Jan-Marc 2020

The first three are fine but the last one we cannot submit now because our VAT account has been locked by HMRC however I still need the last VAT return list (Jan-Mar 2020) just to be able to send it to our accountant for the annual accounts. The programme does not allow me to create it. I believe this should be an internal issue.

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Nadia Kaya

If you disable online filing in your QuickFile VAT settings you should be able to create returns for the missing periods even if you can’t submit them, assuming you haven’t already saved a later return. You will have to roll the periods back and recreate the returns with online filing enabled come March in order to actually submit them, but as long as you don’t add any more back dated purchases or sales the numbers should come out the same.

Hi İan,

I haven’t saved any other later returns. The last one is supposed to be the Jan-Mar 2029.
All invoices of the last term are also entered with the relevant dates.
As you say, this is the last vat return in our account right now, therefore the program should automatically create a return list either to submit or not, but it doesn’t.

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Nadia Kaya

So the last VAT return you have showing on reports -> VAT returns in QuickFile was Oct-Dec 2019, and you need to prepare the Q1 2020 return now but the “create” button isn’t offering it as an option?

Then you need to do what I said in my previous reply - go into your QuickFile VAT settings and untick the box labelled “enable online filing”. Once you’ve done that, QuickFile will allow you to prepare a Jan-Mar 2020 return and save it in QuickFile without submitting anything online, which will create the usual journal to move the sales & purchase control balances to “vat liability”. Normally when you have online filing enabled QuickFile will only allow you to create returns for periods that your HMRC online account thinks are outstanding.

At a later date, once HMRC re-enable this and later periods in your online account you will need to turn the “enable online filing” option back on, then “roll back” the Jan-Mar 2020 return you’ve already created and then create a new one to replace it and submit that online (QuickFile doesn’t let you do an online submission retrospectively for a return you’ve already saved, you have to roll back the saved return and then create-and-submit a replacement in one operation).

I’m confused as to what the vat returns have to do with preparing accounts to be honest. Surely the list of purchases and invoices are still there to obtain figures from.

Even if its on the cash basis you’d have a list of payments somewhere.

Very confusing.

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