Cannot Delete Bank A/C

Hi, I’m a newbie and have had a few false alarms (problems that turned out not to be problems) but this one does have me stumped.

I created a bank account and mistakenly created it as a credit card a/c when it should have been a merchant a/c.

I therefore deleted all of the entries. There was no opening balance to delete. I then deleted the bank account and a message came up confirming the deletion. I then clicked on another part of the program (Sales) and when I returned to the Banking section, the account had returned.

I looked at other help solutions and they talk of deleting all entries and journals and opening balance. As far as I can tell, all of the data has been deleted. Yet, this zombie bank account keeps being resurrected.

Please can you advise

Hi @richiekk

Is this the account with the nominal code 1252 on account ending 5520?

It is nominal code 1252 but I do not recognise the 5520 (not sure what you mean by “account ending”). The a/c name is “Barclays online card payments”

This would be your account number, found in the top right hand corner of every page

I’ve confirmed this is your account using another method. Bear with me and I’ll take a look for you

[Edit 2]
@richiekk - We’ve identified a bug here. We’ll keep you updated here as soon as we know more

Just to update you here. The bug @QFMathew refers to is related to the validation, in some cases it wrongly confirms account deletion, only to refresh and for it to reappear.

In your particular case there is a bank tagging rule setup on this account that must be removed first. Please can you go into the Bank Menu and open the Tagging Rules option.

Try remove any tagging rules related to that account and retry the delete. We’ve also now fixed the validation problem and deployed an update.

Yes, that did the trick, thanks!

Just for info, I had to guess a little as I went through the tagging rules as (unless I missed something), it only appears to provide info for one side of the transaction.

It tells me where the money is going but not where it came from

OK excellent!

Regarding only showing where it’s going not it’s origin, that really depends on the bank account with the entry matching that rule. It could be any bank account, as bank tagging rules apply to transactions across all bank accounts.