Cannot find corresponding invoice

I’m trying to tag paypal transaction as a refund (23/03/2014 - CURRENCY CONVERSION (DEBIT): 8CG86505A92110444) but I see information that system cannot find corresponding invoice. But the problem is that there is that transaction on the paypal list (25/02/2014 CURRENCY CONVERSION (CREDIT): 9B3503124T0911930) but with different amount. My customer was from USA and when she paid for good month ago exchange rate was different that on 23rd of March.
What shall I do?
Thank You

Has that transaction been tagged to an invoice? Quick File looks for invoices to refund against rather than bank transactions.


I have corresponding invoice:


The invoice is for a lower amount (£50.72) than the bank debit (£54.11), so it will not appear in the bank tagging refund list which will show invoices above and equal to the amount of the debit.

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