Cannot find journal breakdown

I am trying to finalise accounts but have a problem because on Trial Balance I have
Purchase List £9,614.26
Prepaid (£12,257.92)
Journal £7,608.81 but there is no way to see the breakdown on this figure
Trial balance (O/s) figure is £4,966.15

Sales List £39,333.83
Prepaid (£9,677.91)
Journal 3,502.45
Trial Balance £33,158.37

My accountant says that as they cannot understand what the Journal entries are as they cannot see a breakdown, I might not be able to meet my accounts submission date which is in 4 days time!

Can you help please?

I think you’re referring to the Historic Invoice report rather than the TB. However those journal values are likely to be included as part of your opening balances.

If you go to Reports >> Journals, then look for any journals labelled “opening balances” I think you’ll find them in there.

Thanks Glenn - hope this makes sense to my accountants! Appreciate the quick response!