Cannot login since the changes

our email has been compromised and we have had to change it but because of the changes made to quickfile we can not access our accounts! please help!

We’ve already replied to your direct email address with some guidance. You can reply by email or here if your login problems persist.

I’m also going to PM you your direct link

Hi Glen

Many Thanks but still can not get in, we have 2 seperate accounts, i am trying to get into but to no avail and the other business account we have which is is now saying invalid log in credentials too. i tried resetting password and used the link emailed but that also failed so i am now locked out of both accounting systems!

First thing to mention here is that all we did was remove the home page login popup box. The remaining method of logging in from the account custom address (e.g. has always been there, although evidently not everyone used it :smile:

The login search tool here is only for locating your homepage (e.g. based on the email. We’ve had a few people thinking this is a password reset tool.

Once you have located your login page (which will be different for each QF account), you can then reset the password by clicking on the ‘I forgot’ link here:

Once reset you will received an email with the password so you can return and log in.

To save you doing the login search I will send you the links to both your accounts in a separate private message.